hello! Im Sim Simi
Schaa AL Hassan

today 32#

yesss .
i try to be smile but i can't .
seriously i can't .
really not in mood now :face22:
i boring boring and boring .
the solution is simple .
movie ? or at least walking .
seriously boring gileeee .
mana tak nyeee i dah lahh pressure exam last week .
dgn harapan waiting for sat ingat ade laahhh manusia nak ajak i hangout .
tade jugak .
and big wishes for sun .
hampehhhh jugak .
tade org pun nak ajak i walking there except my brother .
hmmmmm ade boyfriend pun macam single :face22:
dye tataw ke i tekanan kat umah .
untung lahhh dye gelak ketawa sume kat luar .
i don't have friend to hangout .
i mean girl .
really don't have .
kang i hang dgn boy bising .
but mana dye bile i boring cm ni ?
HATE THIS SITUATION lahhhhhhhhh :14:
till now tade sape pun boleh bercakap dgn i except my parents .
my brother pun tak berani talk to me .
i am such a hungry tiger you know .
really pressure .
please money come to me .
i really need you for now .
kbye :116: