hello! Im Sim Simi
Schaa AL Hassan

adirulnizam #28

yeahhh , sayangg .
anything for you as long i dapat buat you happy .
i sayangg you .
i sayangg relay kite .
i tahu sometimes i am too much but trust me ,
my heart just only for you my dear .
please forgive me .
please let me be yours forever .
i love you :face19:
the last word i want you to remember , my love is will never end even i was die :face35:
please don't break my heart .
please don't hurt me .
please take care of me .
please be my forever hero .
thanks for your kisses .
thanks for your loves .
thanks for your care .
and thanks for your everything darling :face46:
i gonna fallen for you again and again :face2: